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The MD, the myth, the legend. A hurricane of Happiness, who never leaves the room without an audience of smiles. 

With an abundance of knowledge in the industry, Phil is the perfect man to have running the Fleet. 

From pirating his way through a bottle of rum on the odd occasion, to being a doting dad of two and a dog dad to George. 

 The rare Phillip can be found near the coast rocking his favorite pair of flip flops come rain or shine. 



Leila is one half of our Admin Dynamic Duo Dream Team. A person who we've never seen without a smile, has the ability to brighten up any room. Takes the role in her stride and has the ability to think outside thebox.  The Queen of Zumba loves conquering the Brecon Beacons on Adventurous walks, beach fires or exploring each Cocktail bar. 

Shiny Black Car in Driveway


Emma is a complete hun, that may give a gentle nudge to your throat chakra if you try and take her photo (hence the classic library car photo). The other half of the Admin Dynamic Duo Dream Team. Emma is a straight talking and great listening kind of person that is simply impeccable to be around. A wicked sense of humour would see her laugh out loud if your foot got run over, but she'd also be first to grab an ice pack to help you out too. If there's sunshine and wine you'll find Emma having a good time when she's not smashing her Easy Crew Role.



Jamie is our newest team member and an invaluable piece of the puzzle. An absolute wizard when it comes to preparing a vehicle. A great guy to have about that is always smiling. Jamie gives of the impression that everyday is a Friday and we like that. The rumours are that Carlsberg created a detailer, and Jamie was born 9 months later. He's simply the best. 



George is the office wind bag. I mean, we've never smelt anything like the gas that this guy gives off. Big love is what George is about. He knows nothing about boundaries and if you say his name whilst he's in earshot, he will climb you like a ladder to give you a kiss.

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